Women Education In Ancient Rome  

The concept of educating women began around the 2nd century B.C. in Rome. In all probability, it started in the household of Scipio Africanus Major.

The liberal Romans were keen to have their women educated in order to improve their intellect. They felt, if the ladies were well educated, then they would be able to be better companions to their husbands.

They would also be able to supervise and bring up their children far better. They will be well aware of what was happening around them and maybe even contribute better to the society. A major reason why Tiberius Gracchus Major married the Cornelia, who was quite younger to him, was because he wanted a well educated wife who would be able to give him better companionship.

The elite Roman women were mostly the privileged ones to get education. Education to them meant literacy. It included learning simple calculations, learning Greek and Latin, being able to read the classics in both languages, and a bit of history. In some households, both girls and boys were educated together. But their lessons would start differing as they grew old. Some of the more privileged women received education that was beyond the basics. But this was not to prepare them for any future occupations. It was mostly to enhance their prospects as wives. Women, however, did not have any say in important matters like politic and the likes. That was the domain of a few privileged men.

Whatever education or freedom that was given to the ancient Roman women were mostly to help them do their duties as a wife and a mother better.

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Women Education In Ancient Rome




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