Hunedoara Facts  

Hunedoara is a city located in Hunedoara County in Transylvania, Romania.

It is situated in the Cerna Valley within the Carpathian Mountains. The most building in Hunedoara is the 14th century Gothic style castle of Hunedoara, which is also known as Hunyad Castle.

The castle was initially a royal citadel that was gifted to Iancu Hunedoara by King Sigismund of Luxembourg in 1409. However, it was his son who started enlarging the castle in a Gothic dwelling in 1446. The castle was damaged 5 times due to fire, but has seen many restorations in the late 19th century and early 20th century by known architects like Imre Steindl, Frigyes Schulek and Istvan Moller.

Hunedoara has a Romanian population along with minority ethnic Hungarian and German population. The Roma population lives in a small village just near the Hunedoara Castle. Hunedoara is a beautiful green city with avenues scattered around. There is a large dam high in the mountains that is around a few kilometers from the city and is equipped to cater visiting tourists. In the city center, there is a comfortable large hotel that caters to tourists from all over the world.

Hunedoara is also an archeological site. Stone Age tools were found in the hill near Hunedoara Castle and the neighboring villages. The name of the hill is Sanpetru, which translates to Saint Peter in English. In addition, archeologists found remains of 8 iron furnaces from the Dacian era. In addition Dacian coins and Roman imperial coins were also excavated from this region.

The region is extremely rich in mineral resources with iron found in abundance. The iron has been extracted here since the Iron Age.

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Hunedoara Facts




Hunedoara-Travel-Guide      Hunedoara is a city located in Hunedoara County of Transylvania, Romania. It is situated in the Cerna Valley near Poiana Rusca Mountains, which are located within the Carpathian Mountains. The city of Hunedoara is famous all over the world primarily for one Gothic-style building known as Hunedoara Castle. More..




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