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Hunedoara is a city located in Hunedoara County of Transylvania, Romania.

It is situated in the Cerna Valley near Poiana Rusca Mountains, which are located within the Carpathian Mountains. The city of Hunedoara is famous all over the world primarily for one Gothic-style building known as Hunedoara Castle.

The castle was built on ancient Roman fortifications, and previously served as a citadel before it was given to the Hunyad family by King Sigismund of Luxemburg in 1409. The castle was enlarged into a Gothic dwelling in 1446. It has seen a number of renovations and restorations after it was damaged five times due to fire.

Hunedoara city is home to majority Romanian population along with minority Hungarian and German population. The Roma population, or gypsies, lives a small village named Hasdat near Hunedoara Castle. The city itself is beautiful with its many gardens, parks and tree-lined avenues. The castle has been converted to a museum after a recent renovation.

The castle is located in the heart of the city, and is easily accessible by bus. Housed within the castle, you can view numerous torture objects like cages, chains and a hole, which used to house bears and prisoners were thrown into the hole to be food for the bears.

Also within the castle is a 29-meter deep fountain, which was constructed by two Turkish prisoners in exchange for their freedom. Of course, it is another story that the prisoners were never given their freedom.

Visiting Hunedoara city and Hunedoara Castle is definitely worth it. If you go all the way to Eastern Europe and Romania, you should definitely make time to visit the castle, which is popular among Dracula fans as Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here by Mathias Corvin, the King of Transylvania and Hungary. It is on Vlad the Impaler that Bram Stoker based the character of Dracula in his book, though Stoker had never visited Transylvania.

You can easily reach Hunedoara by train, which is considered to be the cheapest mode of transportation and also the most convenient. However, you can also drive down from Bucharest or neighboring Hungary. There are also bus services from Hungary to Transylvania.

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Hunedoara Travel Guide




History-Of-Hunedoara-Castle      Hunedoara Castle is an old 14th century Gothic castle located in Hunedoara County of Romania. The castle was built on ancient Roman fortification, and is strategically located on a rocky mountain just where the Zlasti River exits from a small hill that is part of the Poiana Rusca Mountain range. More..




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