Transylvania Legends  

Most of the cities located in Transylvania are old cities. Each city has its own legends and myths that are extremely interesting.

In fact, once you leave the urban sprawl and enter medieval-style towns and villages in the countryside of Transylvania, you enter a completely different world. Then, it is not too difficult to believe the Transylvania legends that the locals will be ever ready to narrate.

No doubt one of the biggest and most popular Transylvania legends is that of Vlad Tepes because he was born here. Vlad is known world over as the vampire prince who sucked blood of the innocent. Vlad was the prince of Walachia and defended his territory fiercely from the marauding Turkish army. He punished his enemies by impaling them, and thereby earning his infamous name Vlad the Impaler. Bram Stoker was inspired by Vlad Tepes and based his famous character Count Dracula on him. Today, Transylvania is considered as the home of Dracula, and people come from all over the world to visit the castles inhabited by him Of course, the legend of Dracula changes from one region to another, but it is surely a Transylvania legend.

One of the other Transylvania legends is that Rasnov Citadel, also known as the Fortress of Fear. The fortress is a 13th century Roman structure resting on top of a rocky hill in the Carpathian Mountains. It was built in 1215, but the first mention of the fortress was made only in 1331. Rasnov Citadel is a local legend where the locals will tell you that two soldiers who were captured died in the citadel's well and after that many paranormal activities occur here. According to the locals there are dark moving shadows, unexplained sounds and cold spots located in the citadel.

Whether these legends are just that or there is some deeper meaning to them, we will never know. However, the Transylvania legends keep the mystery and curiosity of this region going; attracting millions of worldwide visitors every year.

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Transylvania Legends




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