Nightlife In Switzerland  

A visit to Switzerland means assured entertainment. Switzerland is a much loved holiday spot for many around the world. Museums, amusement and theme parks, literature, games, movies, gambling and animation are some forms of entertainment available in Switzerland.

The festivals and carnivals celebrated in Switzerland fill the air with jubilation.The country also offers incredible music in the form of music festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, an event that takes place annually. A very famous folk music called ‘yodeling’ is peculiar to the country.

Another aspect of thorough enjoyment in Switzerland is its nightlife. The country provides an extensive range of night entertainment. Switzerland is frequently visited by Americans in all age groups. These tourists spend very little money on lodging and save their budget to splurge during the night. If money is what your pockets are full of, then there is no dearth of excitement in Switzerland. One can binge and make merry just at the onset of dusk and the fun continues till dawn.

Nightlife of Zurich and Berne is an extreme rage with incredible live rock and jazz music making the nights memorable. The opera at Zurich is also acclaimed world wide. The people of Geneva, the second largest city in Switzerland, are also high on nightlife with immense spirit and vitality. The fast pace of life in this city is difficult to catch up with. People are real part lovers with the fun on till the wee hours of the morning. Although the nightlife of Geneva is a riveting experience in itself at any time of the month or year but the best is stored for the month of March. The much spoken of, the Geneva Festival is scheduled in March every year. This celebration which is marked by music, dance, costumes and street entertainment is worth experiencing. The mood of festivity lasts throughout the day and night.

The younger generation especially freak out in the country as the age limit for consumption of alcohol is just 16 here. However, the law and order surveillance in the country ensures that things are kept under control forcing the gentry to adhere to the norms of civilized behavior. Drinking and partying is alright but drinking and driving does not go together in the land. The law has extremely strict rules pertaining to such issues even in comparison to those in the United States. So, the best way to enjoy nightlife in Switzerland is to play it safe by either going to bars and clubs in hired taxis or visiting those that are at close quarters from one’s place of stay that can be covered on foot.

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Nightlife In Switzerland




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