Where Is Zurich ?  

Where Is Zurich

            Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It located very close to Lake Zurich. The city is the center for commercial and cultural activities is frequently referred to as the Cultural Capital of Switzerland. Surveys conducted from 2006 to 2008, highlight Zurich as the richest city in Europe, and also project the city offering one of the best qualities of life in the entire world.More...



Fun Facts Zurich Switzerland

Fun Facts Zurich Switzerland

Switzerland is a country famous all over the world for its chocolates, banking and watches. Its commercial capital, Zurich, is located near Lake Zurich, northeast of the capital city of Bern. It is the most densely inhabited city in Switzerland, with a population of one and a quarter million. It is recognized to offer its people one of the best qualities of lives amongst all the cities of the world.

The first thing that strikes anyone about Zurich is the Street Parade. This event full of fun and excitement generally takes place on the second Saturday of August. It is referred to as the demonstration of love, peace, freedom and tolerance. This parade commenced in the year 1992 with just 1000 participants. Today this event known as the ‘largest party in Europe’ has participants to the counting of thousands, More...


Zurich Bean Festival

Zurich Bean Festival

Surprisingly, the Zurich Bean Festival does not take place in Zurich, Switzerland. Instead, it takes halfway across the world in the village of Zurich in Ontario, Canada. This Zurich is located on the western coast of Ontario, and is easily accessible from Toronto, Detroit and Port Huron.


The village of Zurich is quaint and has retained its Swiss heritage, when the first settlers came here nearly 150 years ago. It is located in Huron County and hosts the Zurich Bean Festival for a single day each year. This festival attracts thousands of people from all over the world, but primarily the visitors are from Canada and the US. More...





Zurich-And-Family-Events      The atmosphere of festivity surrounds Zurich throughout the year. Many traditional Swiss festivals, lively events, concerts and carnivals are organized in the city. The Hallenstadion, with a capacity of 13,000 people, is the venue for most of the festivals, concerts, and other events. More..




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