Bahrain City Tours  

Bahrain City Tours

           Tourism is a major industry in Bahrain. It accounts for nine percent of the GDP. Due to this, the government has arranged for convenient city tours which would give the tourists a glimpse of the beauty of this island nation. The city tour makes for a convenient mode of sightseeing since the tourist attractions are spread far across the island country. There are many tour operators who organize for city tours.More...


What Is The Capital Of Bahrain ?

What Is The Capital Of Bahrain          Bahrain is a beautiful Archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. Manama is the largest city in terms of population, in the kingdom of Bahrain. It is home to nearly 1, 55,000 residents. The city of Manama is situated on a tiny peninsula, on the north east side of Bahrain. Due to its location on the peninsula, Manama City has a beautiful and scenic waterfront.More...


What Is The Language Of Bahrain ?

What Is The Language Of Bahrain

Like all other countries in the Arab world, the official language of the kingdom of Bahrain is Arabic. Since it is a prominent Arab country where the population comprises a majority of Muslims, other languages like Farsi and Urdu are also spoken widely by the native speakers. These three languages are extensively used by the native speakers in their day-to-day communication.More...


Where Is Bahrain ?

Where Is Bahrain          Bahrain or The Kingdom of Bahrain, as it is officially known, is the smallest but a prominent Arab country in the Middle East. It is a small but beautiful island country located in the Persian Gulf. The kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago. It is a cluster of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf.Since Bahrain is an archipelago or an island country, it is not bounded by any other country but rather it is bounded by the Persian GMore...





Middle East :

Bahrain-Culture      The Bahraini culture is influenced by the Islamic principles. As per the principles of Islam, the Bahrainis offer their prayers five times a day, to the almighty. During Ramadan, the holy period of fasting for the Muslims, they abstain from eating and drinking during daytime. They break their fast at sunset, with a feast consisting of dates and rice. More..




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