Why Is The Gaza Strip Important To Israel ?  

The Gaza strip is particularly important to Israel, primarily because of the strategic location of the strip.

It is important since Israel considers this strip as a threat to its internal security. This is because, the Hamas, an Islamic guerrilla outfit, and other Islamic jihadi movements in the Gaza strip continue to attack and target the Israeli forces and the civilians on the border areas, by use of arms and ammunitions like the bombs and rockets.Although Israel officially withdrew its troops from the Gaza strip in 2005, there was widespread allegation that it continued to exercise military control over the strip’s airspace, territorial waters and the land. This unofficial occupation of Gaza strip has triggered action from the Hamas and other Islamic outfits in the region. Subsequently, Israel pulled back its forces from the Philadelphi Route. This Philadelphi Route is the name given to a thin strip of land adjoining the Gaza strip’s boundary with Egypt. The Israeli army has retained the control over this route even after the Oslo accord to prevent unlawful procurement of the arms and ammunition by the militant organizations based in the Gaza strip. However, with the assurance from Egyptian authorities to curb this unlawful activity, Israel withdrew their forces, in an attempt to convince the Hamas, other Muslim organizations based in the strip that they had completely given up control over Gaza strip.

However, Israel continues to monitor major border areas and crossings with Egypt through surveillance cameras and other latest technological devices, since any illegal activity in this region can be use to cause havoc in Israel.

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Why Is The Gaza Strip Important To Israel




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Why Is The Gaza Strip Important To Israel ? )
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