Native Animals In Iraq  

Iraq is spread over 169,235 of square miles. Euphrates and Tigris are the two main rivers, which run through the central region of the country. Most of the people are settled in the areas close to where the rivers run as the land there is extremely fertile. The people in those areas are involved primarily in agriculture.

The country has extreme temperatures when it comes to heat and cold. However, there is a great variation in temperature depending on the elevation. For example, if you travel into the mountains, it will be cold, while the area occupied by the Syrian Desert will be extremely hot during the day and cold at night. In the northern part of the country, which is has mountainous topography, the summers are quite cool, while winters are quite cold and experience snowfall very frequently.

The climate of Iraq is extremely important for the native animals and plants that live there. Because majority of the country has a desert-like terrain, one will not find many trees. The trees that are seen frequently across the country are date palms and poplars. As a result, the faunal life is also dependent on the type of vegetation present in the region. The native animals of Iraq include the antelope, hyena, jackal, wild pig, gazelle, cheetah, lizard, wild ass, wolf and bat. In fact, the country is known for its many species of bats.

The birds that are commonly seen across the country include goose, vulture, owl, sand grouse, duck, partridge, buzzard, raven, and many different species of hawks. Even snakes are found in Iraq. The country is home to 6 species of venomous snakes. Five species are vipers, while the remaining one is the cobra.

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Native Animals In Iraq




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