What Continent Is Iraq Located ?  

Iraq is located in the continent of Asia. In fact, the country is located in the western part of the Asian continent along the Persian Gulf. In addition, the country is also flanked by Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The capital of Iraq is Baghdad. The country has two rivers, the Euphrates and Tigris. The regions that are near the two rivers are fertile and lush. This is completely different from the terrain that is prevalent across western part of Asia where most of the land is covered either by desert or steppes.

Iraq was a very important nation historically. It was earlier known as Mesopotamia. The country was ruled not just by the Islamic dynasties, but also by the Romans, Greeks, Ottomans, Mongols and the British.

The formation of Mesopotamia in 3500 BC was the first civilization of the world. Also, Mesopotamia was instrumental in giving the world the invention of the wheel and also writing. These two inventions made ancient Iraq a highly advanced civilization.

Iraq was also the cradle for Islam for the entire region. However, throughout the country's history, it has seen turbulent times other than the period when the Abbasid dynasty was ruling Mesopotamia.

Even today, Iraq has the presence of foreign troops contributed by the international community. However, majority of the troops come from the US and the UK. The troops have been stationed there from 2003 and are helping the current Iraqi government to establish law and order, and to root out the insurgents that are living in the country.

The US government is drawing up plans to withdraw her troops from Iraq by December 31, 2011.

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What Continent Is Iraq Located ?




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What Continent Is Iraq Located ? )
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