What Kind Of Insects Are In Iraq ?  

Iraq has many types of insects. They are nocturnal ones which due to their lifestyle can survive in the hot reaches of Iraq.

The only come out in the night to eat and forage for food when the heat of the day has subsided and the temperatures are relatively cooler.
In Iraq, the insects that roam in the nights are sand flies, desert mantis, camel spiders, drain flies, mosquitoes, oriental hornet and fog drinking beetle.

The desert mantis is carnivorous and is most commonly present in Iraq’s deserts. It has the color of sand and therefore can camouflage itself quite well. It also has long legs and this helps it to run very fast. The males are thinner than females.

Camel spiders also quite common in Iraq. They are not considered to be true spiders. They are also called wind scorpions, sun spiders or sun scorpions. The male has longer legs compared to the female. They have hair on their body, eight legs and appendages around the mouth. They are known to prey on scorpions, other small insects and also lizards.

Oriental hornet can bear the hot climate quite well. Some of these species have workers and queen just like the honeybees. The adult female makes vertical combs and lays eggs in them. The eggs then take around 2 weeks to hatch.

The other type of insects that is quite frequently found across Iraq is the black desert ant, which can be seen in many colors, but the biting black ants are common. These ants can travel very long distance to get food. They make mounds out of sand, and under the mounds are the nests. 

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What Kind Of Insects Are In Iraq ?




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What Kind Of Insects Are In Iraq ? )
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