When The War On Iraq Started ?  

The Iraq War, which is the 2nd Gulf War, is also known as Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation New Dawn. It started on March 20, 2003. Iraq has been invaded by multinational troops mostly belonging to mainly to the US and the UK.

Before declaring the war, the US and the UK governments allegedly claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Resolution 1441 was passed by the UN Security Council which ordered Iraq to allow UN inspectors into the country so that they could check whether Iraq had these weapons or not. Although the UN inspectors did not find any weapons of mass destruction, they were not certain about the existence of these weapons.

Later a survey group headed the US wrote a report claiming that while the country had ceased its weapons program in 1991, it had all plans to resume the program if the UN lifted sanctions imposed on Iraq. Around the same time, certain officials from the US claimed that the country was offering refuge and support to members of the terrorist outfit, Al Qaeda. However, this was not ratified. The other reasons given by the US to support its occupation of Iraq and to wage a war in the country were the presumed financial support that the country was giving to Palestinian suicide bombers' families and extreme abuse of human rights by the Iraqi government.

All these reasons ultimately acted as impetus to start the war on Iraq. However, a few days into the war, Saddam Hussein was captured. He was found guilty by the government of Iraq, and later he was executed.

Today, the foreign forces present in the country are offering support to the local police, army and also the government. Plans are being made to get the US troops out of Iraq by December 31, 2011.

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When The War On Iraq Started ?




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When The War On Iraq Started ? )
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