Independence Day In Israel  

The Independence Day in Israel is celebrated on 5 Iyar based on the Hebrew calendar. The day before the independence is dedicated to the people who dedicated their lives to the country.

Remembrance Day is also called as Yom Hazikaron. The Remembrance Day is when the nation remembers all its loyal citizens, who dedicated their lives to get independence to their country.

The Jewish lost its independence 2000 years ago, but managed to get back their state in 1948 when the leaders of the country of declared independence and formed the Israel state.

Right after the end of the First World War until 1948, Israel along with modern-day Jordan was ruled by the British. The Jewish leaders decided to proclaim its independence soon after the British left. So on May 14, 1948, the Jewish people’s council came together at the Tel Aviv Museum and declared Israel as an independent state. The US recognized the new state the very same night, while the former USSR did so after three days. The honor of reading the Declaration of Independence was given to David Ben Gurion. This occurred at the Tel Aviv Museum where the People’s Council had assembled.

Israel is the place where Judaism took birth. It is in Israel where they were politically, spiritually and religiously shaped. Therefore, it is natural that the people of Israel wanted to go back to their land even when they were forced to move out. After independence, this was possible.

In 1897, Theodore Herzl, who is spiritual father to the Jews, said at the first Jewish congress assembly that the Jewish people have the rights to have a national identity in their own country. The Balfour Declaration recognized this right on November 2, 1917 and it was re-confirmed by the League of Nations. Jewish people who had historical connection with the country got the sanction to have their own nation.

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Independence Day In Israel




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