Israel Tourist Attractions  

Israel is known for its tourist attractions all over the world. It has Mount Hermon covered with snow, the Dead Sea, which is considered as one of the saltiest seas in the world, the Judean Desert, ancient cities from biblical times, crowded markets and modern metropolises.

The age of cities in Israel are counted in millennia. Some of the historical places in Israel are protected as UNESCO world heritage sites. Jerusalem is one of the historical places in Israel, which is incomparable. Rosh Pina situated in the upper Galilee and Zichron Yaakov located on Mount Carment are towns which were restored to their original beauty in the 19th century. The local crafts and arts are displayed in the shops on the streets.

Tel Aviv is described as a world city because it has museums, opera, theater and dance, restaurants offering food and delicacies from all over the world. It has a 19th century quarter, Neve Tzedek; while Jaffa has so many galleries that it is impossible to cover them in a day.

Tel Aviv is located along the Mediterranean coast and many different types of beaches to offer tourists. The north has rocky coves, which has wildflowers growing seasonally, Ashkelon has sandy beaches situated along the Nile delta. Those looking for Roman era antiquities can fulfill their wish by diving along the Caeserea Beach. Tiberias and Kenneret provide fresh water beaches and many different kinds of water support.

Adventure sports lovers will have a whale of a time near Eilat, Negev and Upper Galilee. Mount Hermon is the perfect getaway for winter skiing, while in summer the mountain offers many trails and routes for hiking.

Jerusalem’s Time Elevator, Haganah Museum, Mini Israel, and the Kings City located in Eilat are some of the other tourist attractions that Israel has to offer.

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Israel Tourist Attractions




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