Weather In Israel  

It is important to now the weather of the country you are visiting. This is primarily because in order to enjoy your holiday, you should have appropriate clothing. That is why people who are visiting Israel should take time to find out what the weather in Israel is like the whole year round.

The winter season in Israel starts from December and lasts right until the end of February. During this period, the temperature can vary from 5 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius. However, in higher elevations like Ramat Holagan Mountains and Jerusalem, the temperatures are much lower in winter. It is quite common in these high elevations for the temperature to hit zero at nights.

Therefore, if you are planning on visiting Israel during the winter season, it is advisable to carry warm woolen clothing.

The spring season in Israel starts from March and lasts until May. This is considered to be the best season to visit the country as the temperature is not too cold or hot. In cities like Tel Aviv, the temperature ranges from 16 degrees to 24 degrees. However, it is slightly colder in cities like Jerusalem and Golan Heights. However, in Eilat, the temperature is around three degrees warmer.

When visiting Israel in spring, you will require light clothing. However, make sure that you have a warm jacket.

The summers in Israel stretch from June through August. Sometimes, even September can be warm. During this period, the temperature is high, and so also the humidity level. However, Jerusalem is not humid in summers.

Autumn lasts for three months from September to November. During this period the temperatures range between eighteen degrees and twenty-four degrees. You will require a light jacket and long sleeved shirt or blouse to ward off the chill.

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Weather In Israel




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