What Continent Is Israel In ?  

Israel is located along the Mediterranean shore in western part of Asia. So, basically Israel is in the continent of Asia. It is bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Also, towards the eastern side of the country is the contentious West Bank, and towards the southwest is the Gaza Strip.

The population of Israel is around seven and a half million, out of which 5.7 million people follow Judaism.

Israel is an ancient country, and the country's roots extent back to the biblical times, when the region was known as Zion. However, after the First World War, with permission granted by the League of Nations, Palestine was formed in the region and the Jewish people lost the land, which was theirs for centuries.

However, after the Second World War, Palestine was divided by the United Nations, and the state of Israel was created. This partition was not accepted by the leaders of the Arab world, and caused several civil wars from 1947 to 1948. Nonetheless, on May 14, 1948, Israel declared itself as an independent state. But the joy of independence was short lived as the Arab states in the neighborhood attacked Israel the next day. This resulted in Israel occupying areas that were not part of the deal agreed upon when erstwhile Palestine was divided. Even today, so many years later, the dispute over land is continuing between Israel and Palestine. However, all efforts are being made internationally, with countries like Egypt and Jordan volunteering to mediate peace talks. So, no amicable solution has been worked out.

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What Continent Is Israel In ?




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