When Did Israel Become A Country ?  

Israel got its independence in May 1948, after the British divided Palestine. It is then that Israel became a country with its own borders, constitution and government. Israel has fought numerous wars with its neighbors both before and after its independence.

In fact, the very next day it proclaimed its independence, Israel was attacked by its neighbors. However, Israel managed to overcome these hurdles, and as a result it is still in existence.

Haganah was considered as a terrorist outfit before the Second World War, and it known to fight for the rights of the Jewish people in the region by attacking the Palestinians and the British. However, Haganah ended up becoming the nation's army as many members from the group joined the Israeli army after the country proclaimed its independence. Also, these members were well conversant with wars and conflicts as many had fought battles during the Second World War.

Israel faced many problems internally besides its border dispute. The army was called to break up organizations like Stern Gang and Irgun. However, David Ben Gurion, who was the prime minister and defense minister of independent Israel, used tact and diplomacy to break up these two organizations who were labeled as terrorist outfits by the British. The leaders of the outfits were arrested, but the members of the outfit joined the Israeli army.

So, when Israel was attacked after declaring its independence, its army performed quite well. Israel could ward off the attack by its neighbors, namely Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. When the neighbors saw that the war was not going as envisaged, each country negotiated its own peace talks with Israel. At the same time, Israel due to its victory, manage to stake claim to land over and above what it was allotted by the UN.

The war that Israel calls the War of Independence showed the Arab nations and the world that Israel was here to stay whether they liked it or not.

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When Did Israel Become A Country ?




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