Cities In Kuwait  

One of the major cities is the capital Kuwait City. This is the biggest and the largest city in the State of Kuwait, with a population of over 2.44 million people.

It houses prominent banks, government buildings, Kuwait’s Parliament and many other organizations. It is not only the political capital but also the economic and culture capital of the State of Kuwait. This is more so because of the easy access of this city from the airport.Kuwait city presents a blend of modernity and traditions. On one side, with its star hotels, the designer shopping arcades and skyscrapers, it presents the cosmopolitan face of the city and on the other side,  the traditional Islamic architecture, local street markets, and war worn buildings remind one of the history of this city. The Kuwait Towers are a man made marvel and house a view point, from where one can get a breathtaking view of the Kuwait City. The painted steel Kuwait Towers are the symbol of the city, and feature a viewing platform and restaurant looking out over Kuwait. 

Al Jahrah is another major city, which is located about 20 miles to the northwest of the Kuwait City. Due to its proximity to the capital of the state of Kuwait, Al Jahra has an excellent network of ring roads.

Salmiya and Hawalli are other major cities. These are the residential and commercial hubs in the State of Kuwait.

Another prominent city in the State of Kuwait is the city of Shuwaikh and is the industrial hub.

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Cities In Kuwait




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