Oman Culture  

The culture of Oman is influenced by the principles of Islamic religion.

As followers of Islam, the Omanis offer their prayers to the almighty five times every day. Likewise, Ramadan, which is the holy month of fasting and other festivals of Islam are extremely significant events of Omani culture.During Ramadan, Omani Muslims are not supposed to eat or drink throughout the day. The fast ends at sunset, by a family gathering for the Ifta treat. This feast usually consists of dates and rice.

When it comes to dress code in public places, Oman culture is quite liberal compared to the other Islamic countries in the Middle East. Nevertheless, the dress code should conform to levels of decency. For instance, Women are expected to wear tops with sleeves and full length trousers and skirts. Likewise, Men are also expected to wear full length trousers and sleeved shirts. This dress code is relevant to urban areas of Oman, including its capital Muscat. For other areas, a more conservative dress code is expected.

Omani food, like most Middle East countries, comprises of rice, vegetables, chicken, mutton and fish made with the addition of spices. But Omani food is not very spicy. The other popular dishes are the Omani halwa, which is a sweet and Kahwa, which is a type of coffee. The Kahwa symbolizes the hospitality and is an integral part of Omani food.

The Omani culture, on the whole, is not as rigid as in the other Middle East countries. They are fairly liberal and extremely tolerant towards other religions and the followers of that religion. This is symbolized by the vast number of places of worship for people of other faiths, like the temples and the churches.

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Oman Culture




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Oman-Food      The Omani cuisine is a fine combination of various local flavors.  Chicken, mutton and fish are a favorite among the locals. Omani food is generally prepared with generous use of an assortment of marinades, spices and a range of herbs. Even then, the Omani cuisine is not as spicy as the food in other Asian countries, which makes the Omani cuisine all the more special and palatable. However the culinary methods and the spiciness vary with the different regions of Oman. More..




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