Oman Food  

The Omani cuisine is a fine combination of various local flavors.  Chicken, mutton and fish are a favorite among the locals.

Omani food is generally prepared with generous use of an assortment of marinades, spices and a range of herbs. Even then, the Omani cuisine is not as spicy as the food in other Asian countries, which makes the Omani cuisine all the more special and palatable. However the culinary methods and the spiciness vary with the different regions of Oman.In addition to the cooked meat, the cuisine also comprises of rice, which is their staple diet, vegetables and wide range of tasty soups. The soups are usually made from chicken, lamb or vegetables like the smoked eggplant. The rice dishes can range from the plain steamed rice to sophisticated blend of meat and various types of vegetables. The rice accompaniments usually comprise of vegetable curry (called Marak) and barbecued, and roasted meat dishes (called Kababs).

The people of Oman are known for their friendly nature and hospitality, and this fact is reflected in their cuisine as well. However, there is also a particular dish that symbolizes Omani hospitality and that is called Kahwa. The Kahwa is a flavored coffee and is usually served with dates or halwa. The Halwa is a jellylike sweet made from a combination of brown sugar, honey spices and eggs.

The popular drinks include salty buttermilk called Laban and flavored yogurt drinks.

However, during the Islamic festivities like Ramadan or Eid, the Omani cuisine is specially prepared. Most of these dishes are usually prepared and served only during religious festivals.

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Oman Food




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