Air Pollution In Saudi Arabia  

Air pollution in Saudi Arabia is a major concern. Not only is the country being affected, even neighboring regions are being affected due to air pollution.

The biggest reason for air pollution in Saudi Arabia at the moment is vehicles. The country uses cars, trucks and other vehicles for transportation through the desert terrain.Also, there is migration of people from rural areas to cities looking for jobs and better living environment. This has also contributed dramatically to the air pollution prevalent in major cities across Saudi Arabia.

Several environmentalists in Saudi Arabia are proposing new ideas to find a solution that can help in fighting pollution in air through extensive development of pollution and environment laws. They are also considering various specifications and standard measures that can bring some improvement in such calamity.

Unfortunately, the health issues are just one aspect of the problems which may arise due to air pollution. The impact of pollution is not just limited to endangering human health conditions; it is also affecting the flora and fauna, water bodies and even marine environment. Some of the water channels in Saudi Arabia have already turned into acidic swamps and declared unlivable as result of high levels of pollution. It has caused serious damage to economy as it has attributed to gradual devastation to infrastructure, including transportation and communication, residential buildings and installation of electrical posts.

Another cause for air pollution in Saudi Arabia was the burning oil wells in Kuwait when the Iraqi army invaded the country and then set fire to the wells when the army started retreating.

The environment ministry suggests utilizing scientific techniques and carrying out detailed research in solving this crisis.

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Air Pollution In Saudi Arabia




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