History Of Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia is believed to be the native land of the Semites which comprise most of the population of Middle East, and also Hebrews and Arabs that inhibited this place.

The foundation of Saudi Arabia dates back to first millennium B.C. when the Minoan Kingdom was formed in south western Arabia. The Minoan dynasty was based on itinerant lifestyles and used to trade incense.In the fourth century B.C. the Nabataea kingdom was established in the northern part of Minoa. The eastern part of Arabia was conquered by Dilmun dynasty that covered mainland parts and the Bahrain Island.

With Mecca becoming the prominent pilgrimage city in fifth century and birth of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, Saudi Arabia transformed into a recognized nation. In the sixth century, Mecca was conquered by followers of Muhammad and there was strong expansion in the northern parts and Arab peninsula. With invasion, Mecca lost its theological as well as political importance.

In the thirteenth century, the region was sabotaged by Egyptian invaders. In the fifteenth century, the first Saud dynasty was formed in the region where Riyadh is located in the present date. With the downfall of Egyptian empire, the control passed onto the Ottoman dynasty that conquered most parts of the region. It was in the mid eighteenth century that Abu al Wahhab, a religious reformer established a new sect of Islam, called Muwahhiduns, which was honored by the Saudis. The movement soon formed an independent kingdom in Najd, in central Arabia.

It was in the nineteenth century that Saudi kingdom gained much power in exercising control on socio-economic, political and religious state of affairs.

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History Of Saudi Arabia




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