What Continent Is Saudi Arabia In ?  

Saudi Arabia is located in the Asian continent but one can understand it by saying Western Asia because it is located far west on the globe.

This question is usually asked by several travelers or people who want to visit this beautiful place. It is considered as the largest nation within all the Middle East countries.Saudi Arabia has a population of around 30 million people, and the country is well known in all over the world for its two renowned holy cities and mosques, Mecca and Medina.

Saudi Arabia is also renowned for its oil bases and last year it gained profit of thousands of dollars only from its oil sector. It is the home land of Islam and every year, thousands of people come to Mecca Medina for prayers. This West Asian country is the major source of petroleum for several nations and it helps to boost the country’s economy at a much higher pace.

The oil sector in Saudi Arabia is boosting the economy of country from 1938 till now. This is the only country where one can enjoy vast deserts as well as beautiful beach points. It is a surprising thing that oil export in the country contributes around 75 percent of revenue to the country. This is the major advantage and key factor in the development of the nation. Nowadays, when oil prices are soaring at higher levels, Saudi Arabia is reaping its fruits effortlessly. It is also going to be the biggest business hub in the upcoming years.

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What Continent Is Saudi Arabia In




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