Women Role In Saudi Arabia  

Saudi Arabia is quite conservative when it comes to women and people in this region do not allow women to work, play or even study like men.

There are really strict rules for women here, and the people of Saudi Arab call it their tradition. The people in this region believe that they are preserving their tradition and values even when there are so many western countries that are doing efforts to improve the image of women in Arab countries.Most of the women are not allowed to work publicly, and they have strict orders to cover themselves in ‘abayas’, in which the women have to cover from neck to feet. If women are working in any type of private office, they are usually put in some separate room apart from men. There are some areas where women cannot vote without the permission of their husbands. People of Saudi Arabia are conservative from their birth and abayas is the ancient tradition of this nation. Like India, it also has two phases and there are some areas where women have rights to study and work.

Recently, several women of this nation have shown that they can compete with anybody and they can also work in public sectors. An economic conference was held recently in Saudi Arabia where some women gave stunning speeches and one was the chairman of some private company. It is not an issue of what women can do or not but it is an issue of women’s social rights, political equality and social respect. These things should be traditionally given to the citizens and it is the only way to improve the economic and social condition of the country.

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Women Role In Saudi Arabia




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