Yemen Foods  

Being in the Middle East, Yemen cuisine too is influenced by various other Middle East and Asian cuisines.

Due to the easy availability of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove etc, these are generously added to various delicacies to spruce up the flavor and aroma of the dishes.Rice being the staple food of the Yemeni people, Yemeni cuisine consists of an extensive range of scrumptious rice dishes with meat (mutton or beef), chicken, fish or vegetables curry making up for the side dish. Yemeni cuisine uses generous impregnation of its dishes with lemon juice.

A typical breakfast in a Yemeni household comprises of bread made from wheat, sorghum or barley and are served with cup of strong tea. The lunches are usually heavy and comprise a variety of rice dishes with a plethora of side dishes made form meat, chicken, fishes or vegetables. During prominent Islamic festivals, people have get-togethers and these large gatherings have their lunch together. Soups and salads also form an integral part of Yemeni cuisine. Lunch cannot be complete without a big glass of buttermilk that is ideal to withstand the hot and dry climate of the region.

The Yemeni have a light dinner. The Yemenis prefer to have hot porridge that is prepared from fenugreek seeds in a stone bowl and is sometimes eaten with eggs, meat and vegetables.

The popular desserts include the local grown dates and raisins. Another food that is popular with the Yemeni men is Qat. It is a narcotic shrub that is chewed by over ninety percent of Yemeni men for over five hours daily.

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Yemen Foods




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