How Many Black Bears Live In North America ?   

Bears are perhaps the most exciting animals. There are so many references to them in literature, folklores, mythology, and fairy tales.

A child invariably learns to identify a bear before any other animal. However, even then we humans are afraid of bears because we think that they will attack us. This fear has translated into a major problem for the black bear population that live in North America.

The black bears that live in North America are between 4 feet and 7 feet tall when measured from their noses to their tails. However, if you want to measure their height from their head to toes, you can add another two to three feet to their heights. These bears are very distinctive looking with round ears, long snout and short hair. They are smaller than the mighty grizzly but no less feared.

Unfortunately the black bears in North America have been hunted quite a bit and their numbers have reduced dramatically over years. So, how many black bears live in North America? According to the recent population survey, it is estimated that there just around 750,000 black bears living in the wild.

Black bears are only found in North America and live in the forests of Florida, Alaska and Canada. You can even find black bears in northern part of Mexico and Labrador.

With awareness campaigns being run by animal organizations, more and more people are beginning to understand these beautiful and magnificent animals and losing their fear of being killed and mauled by them. It is hoped that this tolerance will go a long way in increasing the number of black bears in North America.

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How Many Black Bears Live In North America




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