North American Origin Myths  

If you check the Internet, you will find many North American origin myths. While some are interesting, others are laughable.

However, the best North American origin myths are those that are passed down from one generation to next by the Native Americans. While these myths are interesting, they also give you an opportunity to find out more about Native American culture.

North American Origin Myths:

  • The Inuit tribe has a nice myth which is interesting to read. According to this myth, the world was created by a raven, who in fact is a man with a beak of a raven. Initially the land on Earth was just big enough for a house where a man, his wife and his son, the raven lived. When the water pushed its way from the depths of the ground onto the surface, the raven fixed it in place with the help of his beak. The raven was also instrumental in creating night and day.
  • The Cherokee tribe also has an interesting North American origin myth. In the beginning of time, there was an island that floated in a huge ocean. This island was suspended from the sky with ropes and animals and plants lived on it. Since there was no light, it was very dark and the plants and animals could see. So, they decided to get the sun in the path of the floating island to enable the sunlight to illuminate the island. Thereafter, the Great Spirit visited the animals and plants and asked them to keep awake for 7 days and 7 nights. However, most of them could not. The plants that obeyed the Great Spirit were blessed so they remained green the whole year around, while the animals were given the ability to see in the dark. Thereafter, humans made their appearance.


           There are many similar North American myths that you can find, if you make any effort. They are all worth reading.

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North American Origin Myths




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