Arizona National Parks  

Arizona hosts some of the most popular national parks in the world. Read on to get a glimpse of what you can expect to enjoy in each of these natural attractions.

Grand Canyon National Park:
This impressive attraction is visited by tourists all over the world. The southern rim of this park is easily accessible from the highway while the northern rim requires traveling for about 215 miles inside. It often remains closed during winter. Havasu Canyon, the part of the park that is accessible via paved roads is enjoyed by hiking enthusiasts.

One can also take the unpaved roads or choose to explore many more isolated areas of the park. Some of the popularly explored areas lies to the northwest and is accessible by dirt tracks. One can enjoy spectacular viewpoints by exploring these inner regions of this place.

Petrified Forest National Park:
Comprising of huge stones scattered all over the site, this park, at the first look does not really impress visitors as many of them expect thick evergreen forests with trees all over the region. However, the huge logs of stones offer a pleasant surprise to the tourists with their bright colors and deserted look and is worth a visit as it is quite accessible from the highway.

Saguaro National Park:
This park hosts Arizona’s state symbol, the saguaro cactus variety that appears on all the license plates of cars. This cacti grows very slowly but has survived many centuries and reached a height of about 15m. Weighing about 8 tons with the thick stems holding water, this plant grows only about 6 inches in 10 years.

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Arizona National Parks




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