Camping Sites Grand Canyon  

Those visiting the Grand Canyon can make it into an adventurous camping holiday by staying one of the 4 camp grounds in the park. These grounds are the Desert View, Mather Campground, North Rim Camp Ground and the Trailer Village RV Park. If you intend in the South Rim, camping area within this region is restricted to a few camp grounds, but there are some remote camping sites which require campers to have a backcountry permit.


South Rim
The Mather camping area is open throughout the year and offers laundry, shower, grocery and garbage dumping facilities. There is a service station in the campground. It is situated in the Grand Canyon Village and is run by the National Park Service. Campers can get tents and RV camping facilities. The fee for camping is $15 and allows a max of 2 vehicles and 6 people in each camping site. The sites have to be booked 5 months in advance and are allotted on first come first served basis.

Just next to Mather camping area is the Trailer Village for people coming in RVs. This site is open throughout the year and has grocery and service station facilities, while laundry, showers and garbage dumping is next to the site. The fee is $24 and there is cost of $1.75 for each extra person, who is more than 16 years old.

Around 26 miles from the Grand Canyon Village is the Desert View Campground that is open from middle of May through middle of October. The cost is $10 per camping site and is given on first come first served basis.

The Ten X Campground is run by the US Forest Service and it is about 2 miles south of Tusayan. It is open from middle of April through September, but does not offer showers and hook ups for RVs. However, it has pit toilets as well as cold water taps. The cost is $10 per vehicle per night and a maximum of 2 vehicles is allowed in each site.

Dispersed camping is allowed as long as it is outside the boundaries of the national park and a minimum 0.25 miles from the highway.

If you come in an RV, you can stay at the Camper Village situated in Tusayan. It open seasonally and costs between $15 and $23 per night.

When camping in the Grand Canyon, there are several facilities available in the Grand Canyon Village as well as in Tusayan. There are sufficient restaurants in the park, ranging from formal restaurants to cafeterias. Tusayan has formal restaurants as well as casual ones offering fast food. There are gas stations in Tusayan, which are open throughout the year selling propane, gas and diesel. The fuel stations in Desert View are open only during the camping season.

North Rim
There is a camping ground located around one mile from the Rim and is known as North Rim Campground. It does not offer hook ups, and cost $15 per night. It is open from middle of May until middle of October.

The DeMotte Campground is run by the US Forest Service and it is operational just in summer months. It is around 16 miles from the North Rim and charges $10 per night and free programs in the evenings.

Jacob Lake Campground is also run by the US Forest Service and is situated 45 miles from the Rim. It is open just in summer months and charges a fee of $10 per night per vehicle.

Even the North Rim permits dispersed camping outside the boundaries of the park but with certain restrictions. It is best to get all the information related to this time of camping from the Visitor's Center located inside the park.

Just like South Rim, even North Rim camping areas offer several facilities and services either within the park or next to the North Rim Campground or Grand Canyon Lodge.

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Camping Sites Grand Canyon


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