How Deep Is The Grand Canyon ?  

The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder in the world which is located in Colorado plateau. This is a standing proof of approximately 3 to 4 geological eras. Various civilizations generally termed as Native Americans settled here during different times. The fossil remains and the sedimentary layers of mud, rock, and volcano and so on make it easy to relate their existence to specific times. The earliest were Paleolithic hunters followed by Pubeloans, Cerbat, Navajo and Dine. One part of the site is still reserved fort he Navajo tribes.


Simply stated, the canyon came in to existence due to erosion. The site was first discovered in 1871 with lots of information about the unexplored part of USA by Lt. John Powell. A lake in the Canyon still stands by his name.  He was the first person to coin the name ‘Grand Canyon’ to this area. It was declared as a National Park much later in 1919. The fame of this site lies in the fossils preserved, rare geological features, and different types of rocks, and caves which house many archeological, biological and geological resources.

This site spans over a distance of approximately 1,218,375 acres. The canyon is semi-arid and comprises raised plateaus and basins. The water drainage system has made canyons with steep walls by cutting through the rocks. It is distinctly visible that the upper portion consists of forests while the lower basins are comprised of deserts.

The Colorado River appears like a ribbon twisting between the steep-walled Canyon walls. The length of the river through the canyon is approximately 277 miles and the depth on an average is 4,000 feet. The maximum width and depth measured are 15 miles and 6,000 feet respectively.

The Canyon is broadly divided in to South, North and West Rims. The depth of the Canyon varies at different rims.  It is approximately 5,000 feet deep in the South Rim. The deepest measurement is from the top of the rim to the river at approximately 6,000 feet or 1 mile or 1,829 meters. The length of the Grand Canyon is approximately 277 miles or 446 kilometers and the width is approximately 18 miles or 29 kilometers.

It has proof of presence of 5 life zones spread from Mexico to Canada  all in one site, 4 types of deserts, rare eco-systems, such as desert riparian and boreal forests, 1,500 different species of plants, 355 species of birds, 89 mammalian species, 47 different types of reptile species, 17 different types of fish species and 9 species of amphibians.

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How Deep Is The Grand Canyon


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How Was The Grand Canyon Formed ?      The Grand Canyon is a national park in Colorado. This natural wonder has a combination of plateaus and basins. The Colorado River cut through the rocks here. The formation of this canyon has been over a period of many thousands of years. This is evident fro the sedimentary rocks and the fossil remains. But most archeologists, geologists and scientists believe that soil erosion led to the formation of the canyon. More..




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