When Is The Best Time To Go To Grand Canyon ?  

The Grand Canyon is a place one must visit for it is one of the natural wonders. The site charms people interested in geology, archeology, adventures and Biology as well. The steep walled Canyon is approximately 277 miles in length and 18 miles in width. The Colorado River flowing between the rims of the Canyon is approximately 1.6 kilometers deep. The rocks forming the walls of the gorge date back to almost 1.8 billion years. Because of its popularity, thousands throng to catch a glimpse of this wonder. One has to plan the trip well keeping in mind the crowds that will be there and the season as well.


The South rim is open to tourists all year round. The Grand Canyon village is accessible by road, rail and air. Shuttles ply from the village to the site which is a reliable transport especially between March and November. The North rim remains closed from mid October to mid May due to heavy snowfall. One will have to ski or trek with snowshoes during off-season visits. This in turn requires special permit to be taken in advance.

The peak tourist season is between April and October. The numbers increase after the North rim opens in May. Since access by car is restricted in the South rim during summers, shuttle lines will have to be opted for. The best time to arrive in order to avoid parking hassles, crowds and lines is between 10 am and 2 pm. Advance bookings will have to be made in case one wishes to stay at the Park-Lodge or make use of mule-rides to see the inner-canyon.

The temperatures on the rims vary greatly due to the elevation of the Canyon. There can be a difference of almost 25 degrees depending on the location in the Canyon. A visit during summer can get very hot, particularly at the Phantom Ranch which is at the base of the Canyon. The highly elevated rims have very high temperate conditions compared to other areas of the park during summer season. During spring and fall, the temperatures drop especially during nights. The temperatures in winters on the rims vary from below freezing to mid 40s. The temperature in the inner portions of the Canyon remains a pleasant 50 degree in winters.

Mid-July to August can shower thunder-storms and downpour on the Canyon. Flash-floods may affect some parts of the park especially where water does not drain easily. Hikers will have to keep close watch on the weather forecasts during the rainy season.

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Where Is The Grand Canyon Located ?      The Grand Canyon is located in the Colorado Plateau in the north-western corner of Arizona. It is close to the borders of Nevada and Utah. Although the Colorado River originates elsewhere and takes course from 7 states, the main feature of the canyon is the flow of Colorado River like a ribbon through the deep and wide canyon. The Grand Canyon has been taken over for preserving the delicate eco-system with all its variety in plant and animal species by the National Park Service. This was declared as a National park in 1919. More..




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