What Type Of Bridge Is The Golden Gate Bridge ?  

The Golden Gate Bridge located in city of San Francisco is a kind of suspension bridge and is only one of its kinds in the world. It is made to extend from the beautiful San Francisco Bay to the vast Pacific Ocean, thereby establishing a link between Marin County and San Francisco.

It enjoyed the status of being the longest suspension bridge in the world only till 1964, after which the Verrazano Narrows Bridge of New York was given this status.

You might yourself know that any bridge, it has to be strong and elaborate, needs a strong base or support. So, the reason for this bridge being so famous lies in its cables. The way the cables are connected is something that makes suspension bridges too spectacular. The cables are joint to the tower and hence the bridge can bear the weight of almost anything.
The cables basically travel along the two anchorage points and are constantly under the supervision of officials. There are also six other types of bridges, namely Truss bridges, Arch bridges, Cable-stayed bridges, Cantilever bridges, and Beam bridges. The Golden Bridge has proven to be a masterpiece in the category of suspension bridges. Suspension bridges have the ability to spread over a minimum of 2000-7000 square feet and should be designed minutely and perfectly. The design should inspire people to think as to how such perfection can be achieved. You might certainly be inspired by the design of Golden Bridge.

The cables of this bridge are nearly 746-ft in its height and end with the anchorage points as well as curves. Approximately 250 pairs of these cables are connected and they give a balance to the bridge. The diameter is exactly 36.3inches and length extents to 7650 feet. The total weight of all the cables and other points are close to 24,500 tons.

In case, you have to cross the bridge, you have to travel a maximum of 1.7 miles. Lastly, you should consider it as an achievement in engineering till today.

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What Type Of Bridge Is The Golden Gate Bridge




Where-Is-The-Golden-Gate-Bridge      The world famous Golden Gate Bridge is situated in the San Francisco city. It is a unique suspension bridge built to link San Francisco with Marin County. It begins at the scenic San Francisco Bay and ends at the Pacific Ocean, the largest ocean in the world. It forms an integral part of the US Route 101 and California State Route 1. More..




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