Interesting Facts About Canada  

Canada is a vast country with an area of 9971000 sq km of land and is ranked as 2nd biggest country in the world. The invention of baseball glove was recorded in the year 1883 in Canada. The population density in Canada is ranked as the 4th lowest with only 3 people per sq km throughout the world.

Tied with Zurich, Switzerland, Vancouver a city in Canada has the best quality of life among all best cities in the world. Ontario a city in Canada has the smallest jail in the whole world with an area of around 247 sq ft. Canada is under the top ten big economies of world and is ranked as ninth among all countries.

Some more interesting facts about Canada are listed below.

  • Canada is favorite of migrates as it has the highest quality of life as compared to other countries.
  • The favorite of kids on Christmas Eve Santa Claus is supposed to be from Canada.
  • Many think that the North Pole belongs to Canada, but this is not true as the North Pole does not belong to anyone. No country in the world has ownership to the North Pole.
  • Canada is the ranked as the eighth biggest trader in the whole world.
  • Alberta in Canada is one of the biggest reserves of natural gas and Canada produces natural gas in large quantity. Also, Canada is under the top 5 producers of gold, nickel, copper, zinc and aluminum.
  • Important inventions for mankind like the electric bulb, microscope, television, standard time, electric range, zipper and the telephone belong to Canada.
  • Canada in the entire world has the highest enrolment for tertiary education.
  • Canada is among the world’s largest energy producers and is ranked at number sixth.  

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Interesting Facts About Canada




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