What Is The Population Of Canada ?  

The population of Canada has risen significantly in the past 150 years of Canada’s history. Population is defined as the number of people inhibiting in a country or state or city. The increase in population automatically increases the related aspects like pollution, food consumption and natural resources.

The per capita impact increases with the increase in population. The consumption rates and pollution in Canada is increasing rapidly faster than population. The population of Canada in the year 2001 was recorded to 31, 111, 000 million people in the country.

The population in the year 1861 was recorded approximately as 3,230,000 which has increased to almost ten times in the past 150 years. The Canadian census is carried out now in every 5 years by the Canadian government. The Canadian government has records of population since 1861 and currently the records are updated every five years by population census department. The previous increase in the population estimates a lower increase in the population that is it is expected to grow at a lower rate in the coming decades. The projection for population in year 2021 is 35,382,000.

Canada’s population growth is dependent on two factors the immigration to the country every year and the death rate exceeded by the birth rate. In a survey conducted the birth rates and the death rates the difference was found out to be 653000, whereas the difference figure for immigration and emigration were 781000. These two figures were the cause behind population increase between the years 1996 and 2001. The population in Canada increased by 1.5 million people in five years, though the number would have increased after year 2001. It is found that the population in Canada has increased significantly due to immigration after the country was formed in 1867 and not because of natural cause. The population since 1867 is increasing just because of immigration and not because of any natural causes.

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What Is The Population Of Canada ?




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