How Many People Visit Niagara Falls Each Year ?  

Niagara Falls fall at the very top of the list of one of the most visited places in the world. This place is amongst the most beautiful natural scenic places that people can visit throughout the world. The majestic waterfall with the incomprehensible amounts of water that it holds, and that cascade over cliffs transform it into one of the most loved places in the whole of this world. The sight of the falls is said to be awe-inspiring. Thunderous roar of the falls has to be experienced in order to believe it.

Though people love visiting the place round the year, then summers are the best time for the whole family to come and enjoy at a place like this. At that point of time kids are free as well as the parents can take out time from their busy schedules.

The name of this region comes basically form the American tribe that had once occupied this region. The tribes were known as ‘Ongniaahra’ and thus the region came to be known as ‘Niagara’.

As far as the number of people visiting Niagara Falls every year is concerned, then the figures are really every high. The estimates claim that there are approximately 13 million visitors visiting the falls every year. The time period between June and August is actually termed as the peak season at this place as this is the time the footfall is observed to be highest so far.

So, looking at the given estimates and figures, one can easily make out the popularity of Niagara Falls among people.

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How Many People Visit Niagara Falls Each Year ?




How-Tall-Is-Niagara-Falls      Niagara Falls is highly voluminous falls that are located on Niagara River. They are spread to a very large are which starts from Ontario, a city form the Canadian province and then extends till the New York City. They are known to comprise of two major parts which include the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls. Both these parts are separated by the Goat Island. As far as the first part of these falls is concerned, nearly two-third of this part lies on Canadian side of border. More..




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How Many People Visit Niagara Falls Each Year ? )
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