Interesting Facts On Niagara Falls  

People who have been to Niagara Falls would themselves have several interesting facts to tell others those would form the best parts of their memories but people who did not get a chance to visit them till now can make themselves satisfied with the interesting facts on Niagara Falls as there is a whole lot of things that one can know about this place.

Niagara Falls is amongst the most beautiful and scenic places throughout the world and it experiences huge footfall every year. Given below are some of the most important facts about this place:

  • It is the oldest state located in the US which was established long back in the year 1885, at that point of time it was known as the Niagara Reservation which was further modified to Niagara Falls. It was well known for the Parks, Historic and Recreational Preservation that it focused on.
  • The water flowing in Niagara Falls is known to flow at a speed of thirty-two feet per second over these falls which hits the base with two hundred and eighty tons of force.
  • It generates much more than 4 billion kilowatts electricity which is further shared by Canada and the United States of America.
  • Father Louis Hennepin, who was basically a French priest, was the first person to see as well as describe these falls as per the records present in the history.
  • Niagara falls though are around 12,000 years old; the actual formation is much likely to be traced back millions years.

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Interesting Facts On Niagara Falls




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