Why Is It Called The District Of Columbia ?  

The District of Columbia is called so just because it is not a state, and is basically a federal district which takes up equal area as Washington is in. Thus, it can either be referred to as DC or can be called as Washington as per the convenience. In both the cases, it refers to the same place. This place is not within a state but within a country. It is within a district named Columbia and that is the reason why it is called so.

Now the question arises that why only Columbia? Why is the place being referred with this name only? Well, for this there are justifications being provided by people that claim that Columbia being one amongst the old poetic names for the nation for instance ‘America’ or ‘The States’ are used by people. It had gained popularity around hundred years ago and there were several popular songs that people used to refer to regarding the same thing.

But why it is particularly named as Columbia is still quite unclear, Hence, there are other facts as well that help solve this mystery further. It is being believed that during the year 1791, when the people started planning about the new Federal City and tried coming up with some new name for the district, it was actually the three hundredth anniversary of the trip of Christopher Columbus and, thus, people preferred naming the district after him. Thus they named the district as ‘Territory of Columbia’. Then people favored calling it Washington itself and this was done later. But then finally, it began to be called as Washington, D.C. so there is no such confusion regarding this district as well as the state.

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Why Is It Called The District Of Columbia ?




District-Of-Columbia-History      District of Columbia as it is known in the present case scenario has a very long story associated to it as far as its history goes. When this place was actually founded by the Englishmen, then the speakers living here at this place at that point of time included the Algonkian. This is a reference of an instance from the past that happened around the year 1607. More..




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Why Is It Called The District Of Columbia ? )
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