Fireworks Regulations In Florida  

Fireworks have always been associated with most festivals in the US. However, if you are staying in Florida or would want to move to Florida, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations associated with Fireworks. NCFS law has put Florida on the Safe and Sane category, where you have to possess the license to use sparklers.

There are categories of fireworks and not every other one is dangerous. Consumer fireworks typically belong to Class C, which consists of fountains, rockets, mines, sparklers, Roman candles, cylindrical fountains, and helicopter rockets. The devices that are approved by the safety law department should not contain any harmful elements or compounds that might affect the atmosphere and health of the citizens. The chemical compounds used must not exceed a minimum quantity of 100 gm and should not look like a hand held firework.

Normally, kids love snake, poppers, snappers, trick noisemakers, and other smoky crackers, but all these are prohibited in this state. The specially prohibited ones are bombs, skyrockets, bottle rockets, Roman candles, day-go bombs, and other flammable fireworks. It is absolutely fine if you want to sell fireworks, but the use of them should be strictly for activities, like those involving frightening the birds on agricultural farms, other than societal.

Do remember if you are caught violating any of the laws you will have to pay a penalty of $1000 or can even be jailed. Kids should not handle these crackers alone. Parents need to be with them and they need to be burst outdoors. This might surely help to reduce the injury rates. Do not dissect the sparkles and create something new. Burn and burst them keeping all these things in mind. Respect the tradition that is the state follows and do not indulge in any such proscribed activity.

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Fireworks Regulations In Florida




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