Florida Climate  

Being called the Sunshine State itself needs less of convincing. Florida is a state that is pleasantly warm, and rarely humid. Winters are the best part, when cool airs fills your soul and mind with chillness. Summers are warm, hot, humid, but never dry; you can also occasionally feel the warm air. The state is quite close to Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and hence the climate is always at the latitude.

Let us go through each climate and season one by one. Talking about summers, which are hot, warm, and followed by early thunderstorms, Southern Florida happens to be the warmest of them all. The thunderstorms are often at the drop of 20 degrees, which plays a very important role. The highest and lowest temperatures were recorded in Monticello and Tallahassee respectively.

You will be shocked to hear that most people die due to excessive hot temperatures rather than the occasional lightning. Especially people who consume alcohol cannot handle the heat as the temperature rarely cools down at this period. The humid climate is a result of the state being close to the ocean and sea. Normally, the person will feel humid sometimes on reaching a high level. Rainfall can be experienced in the northwestern parts and can receive a minimum of 100 inches per year.

The rainy seasons usually begin from October and end in the last week of November. It occasionally rains during summers too. At times of hurricanes, the rains might go beyond the expected level causing lot of problems. However, there are places, such as Florida Keys and Lee County, where you would not notice rainfall. The area between Orlando to Tampa falls under the lightning belt. The same applies to the area from Fort Myers to Lake Okeechobee. Thunderstorms are highly common and are observed from June to September. Lightning too causes death and Florida owns the credit of observing most deaths due to lightning. Tornado is yet another surprise, which is often seen from April to June, and the severe ones are observed in the months of Feb and March.

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Florida Climate




Florida-Fishing-Show      Florida is quite well known for its fishing shows. It attracts people from all other states and countries. The most common places where they are held are Fort Myers, Orlando, and Boca Raton. The first place that comes in the list is Salt Water Sportsman, which is famous for the super clear water and harbors. The Fort Myers boat show at Fort Myers is another great place to view the continental harbor line. At Ft. Lauderdale, you can view the world’s best yachts and kayaks manufactured by some leading companies. More..




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