Water Parks In Florida  

Florida is a state that enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year. The summers are hot and hence, the water parks in Florida get over crowded. You will need to go to any of these water parks to soothe the temperature and feel relaxed. Hence, Florida happens to house the maximum number of water parks in the whole of the United States.

There are manmade as well as natural water parks, and you have an option to choose from many. The Adventure Island in Tampa provides you a whole lot of options right from Rambling Bayou, also known as the lazy river to endless surfing on the pool.

There are quite a number of waterfalls along with tube rides, tunnel rides, and water slides, the famous ones being Wahoo Run, Runaway Rapids and Calypso Coaster. The high velocity slide called Gulf Scream is quite scary. The park is quite comfortable and safe .There is a beach and a pool called the Paradise Lagoon that might just allure you to just hop in the pool because of its structure. The next best place is Blizzard Beach which is quite large and has the best of the slides. There are areas that are specifically designed for teens, kids and youngsters. Water parks consist of waterslides that look quite scary and adventurous. Mount Gushmore is one such water slide, where you need to ski from the top before you reach the gushing waters.

The water park, especially meant for young children, is called Tikes Peak, which consists of mini slides. Ski Patrol is famous with teens which consist of slides, icebergs and bobbing. The rides are often crowded. The Beach is crystal clear and provides you with all the necessary advantages. Here is some information on the oldest water park also known as Wet n Wild in Orlando. Water slides like Bubble Up is simply designed which has the necessary action with a circular pool. The other man-made lake is called Wakezone, which is an ideal lake for skiing. Other options include Typhoon Lagoon, Wild Waters, and Buccaneer Bay, all of which provide great water sport activities, followed by slides and rides.

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Water Parks In Florida




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