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One of the most popular places for families to go on a holiday is the Disney World, a theme park based on Disney characters and located in Florida. For any child, Disney World is a dream-come-true. To be able to see their favorite Disney cartoon characters and interact with them is just what any child would love to experience. However, another interesting aspect is the history of Disney World. Just imagine a world without Disney's characters and this theme? Unimaginable.


Before Disney World made is debut, themes parks in the US were not safe, besides being dirty. Also, these parks mainly targeted teenagers and adolescents. The parents used to accompany their teens and spend their time sitting on the side lines while their kids enjoyed the rides.

However, Walt Disney had a totally different idea. As an animator, he also wanted to target adults, teens and seniors besides children. So, once he became a famous animator, Walt Disney went about creating a dream world called Disneyland to attract people of all age groups. The theme park located in Anaheim opened its gates in 1955 and was an immediate success. Its one millionth guest entered the gates of the park just 7 weeks after it was opened.

When designing the park, Walt Disney bought just as much land as he thought he would require for building Disneyland. He had not envisaged the success of the park. All around Disneyland, motels and other tourist attractions sprung up and as a result, there was no space left for the park to expand, which was already on Walt Disney's mind.

So, in the year 1959, Walt Disney, the company, began looking for a new location. Many were seen, but finally the best location in central Florida was selected, the present-day location of Disney World. This location at that time consisted most of cattle land and there was quite a bit available. In addition, there was already a network of roads available, so accessibility would not be a problem. Walt Disney purchased the first parcel of land on 23rd October 1964. In order to prevent land prices from exploding, Walt Disney formed dummy corporations to make the land purchase. Walt Disney Company was able to pick up forty-three square miles of land. It was on this land that Epcot Center opened in 1982 and then the town of Celebration.

While Walt Disney died on 15th December 1966 due to cancer, the company kept his dream alive. His brother Roy took up the dreams of Walt Disney and began building them. Roy was responsible for starting the Magic Kingdom, 2 hotels, camping area, golf courses, shopping village and a monorail. All these things opened on 1st October 1971. The resort manufactured its own electricity, distributed its own food and even did its own laundry. There was even an airstrip that Shawnee Airlines used to bring in guests from Orlando International Airport to the resort on commuter planes.

Then even Roy died and the operations of the resort were then taken by a team of employees, who had been trained by the two brothers. The team ensured that more hotels, attractions and parades were added to the theme park. In fact, the growth of the theme was so rapid and fast that it reached its maximum capacity within a month of opening. It shut down for a whole day on Thanksgiving Day in the year 1971 for maintenance and other construction. However, the demand for the park was so high that it could not keep up its construction.

As the park grew, it has evolved into different spheres. The Epcot Center showcases mankind, different cultures from around the world and much more. Disney World started out as a dream of a single man and from there it has evolved into a dream-come-true for many children, teenagers, adults and seniors. It is truly a magical world that not only entertains, but also educates.

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