What Is The Most Frightening Ride At Disney World ?  

Disney World, the world famous theme park located in Lake Buna Vista, Florida, has many rides to offer. Some rides are exhilarating, while others are entertaining. However, this family-friendly resort also has one of the most frightening rides in the world. In fact, this ride is so popular against thrill seekers that many come every day and every year to experience it.


Since 1984, the most popular and frightening ride in this park has been the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The essence of this ride is to keep the individual in darkness for a long time while getting them to drop from heights without any set pattern.  This ride is a perfect example of combining a story and an attraction for bringing out the desired effect. The building housing this ride can be seen from most parts of the park. It is approximately 199 feet tall and comes on the approach to Disney’s Studios.  The ride here is based on Twilight Zone, which was a television series. It is believed that the people who designed this ride watched all of the 156 episodes in order to get the theme and atmosphere correct.

The legend dates back to 1917. The hotel, Hollywood Tower, was located in Hollywood, which is home to film making, actors, directors, actresses and celebrities, and was popular for hosting most of the star guests of Hollywood. On 31st October 1939, lightening struck the Tower destroying two wings and two elevator shafts. There were 5 guests including a bellhop, child star accompanied by her nanny and 2 more young stars. They were trapped in the elevator shaft in the lift.

The excitement in the ride is the probability of meeting one of those guests enroute and since a computer randomly creates the plunge, no two rides offer the same experience. Guests are walked through areas, which are themed, before boarding the elevator in the waiting area. The fun begins while gliding past ghostly images along passage ways of the hotel. A brief halt allows the riders to catch a glimpse of the park outside before the doors shut again. Then the riders are in darkness and the elevator plunges 13 stories and the elevations and drops continue for a while before the ride ends.

This ride is considered to be the most frightening ride at Disney World and you have to experience it in order to believe it. Most people claim that their heart stops while plunging down the elevator shaft and every time the elevator stops, the unexpected occurs.

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