Interesting Attractions In Maine  

Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park are one of the few tourist attractions in the state of Maine. These two places attract tourists, especially wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers. The two national parks can be seen by flying over them. This arrangement is made available through biplane so that you enjoy throughout your trip and do not miss anything.

Palace Play land is one more tourist hotspot destination in Maine. It is an amusement park where you can enjoy Giant Wheel ride, Giant Shopping Arcade, Carousel and Kiddieland. If you are crazy for fireworks, then you should reach Palace Play land on every Thursday night to enjoy fireworks. Galaxy Coaster is a unique ride which you can enjoy in Palace Play land.

Fun-town Splash-town amusement and Water Park is another place where you can enjoy the most with your family and loved ones. Rated as one of the top ten wooden roller coaster rides in America, this amusement park is the one of the cleanest among the several water parks available in America. It offers a variety of rides, slides and pools to play in water. The entertainment here not only ends with water but also it has amazing gaming zones, shopping malls and eateries that serve food of your choice. The entertainment inside this amusement park is endless as it provides unlimited passes for many rides and slides with an advantage of group discounts.

Belfast and Moosehead Lake railroad is another tourist destination in Maine. It is the sixth oldest railroad in the country still functioning and attracting tourists throughout United States. The unique feature in this two hour journey is the 1913 Steam Locomotive that takes you on a ride in the Maine Countryside. You can view and feel the beauty of Maine through this exotic journey Burnham Junction. 

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Interesting Attractions In Maine




Native-American-History-In-Maine      Most of the Mainers do not know the history of Maine. In the past the Native Americans hold the most complex, motivating and brutal history. The life of Native Americans in the past was very hard and breathtaking. Most of the people today do not know that the Native Americans were the first to land in Maine. More..




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