Native American History In Maine  

Most of the Mainers do not know the history of Maine. In the past the Native Americans hold the most complex, motivating and brutal history. The life of Native Americans in the past was very hard and breathtaking. Most of the people today do not know that the Native Americans were the first to land in Maine.

The archeological survey in the United States has studied the history of Native Americans. It says the Native Americans traveled all their way from continent of Asia to N. America some 11000 to 26000 thousand years ago. That period is known as the last Ice age when these people migrated from Asia. A few traditional beliefs of Native American tribes in Maine called as Wabanaki disagree with evidence presented by archaeologists. According to their beliefs, man and woman came out of an Ash tree bark, which was shot by an arrow of a supernatural hero called Gluskap.

The Paleo-Indians were the 1st Native Americans that came to Maine during 10,000 B.C. Paleo-Indians soon disappeared after the Ice Age as Maine started growing warmer. The region soon started becoming forest changing from Tundra. After Paleo-Indians, Red Paint people were the next to land up in Maine. The Red Paint tribes were highly developed Native Americans which used swords and boats for hunting animals, especially fishes. The Wabanaki are considered as the descendants of the Red Paint people.

Researchers have found documented evidence of the encounter that took place between the Wabanaki and the Europeans. An Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazano, sailed in 1524 to Maine for the French King has supposed to be encountered this Wabanaki tribe for the first time. Soon the Wabanaki tribe and the Europeans started trading and it ended with the insult of Europeans that created a bad impression about the Wabanaki tribes. Two Frenchmen Samuel de Champlain and Sueur de Monts landed on the shores of Maine in search of a new land to establish colony. The first Englishman was George Weymouth who came in contact of the Wabanaki tribe.

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Native American History In Maine




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