Mississippi Tourist Attractions  

Many of us know the State of Mississippi is the Home town to legendary singer Sir Elvis Presley and creator of Muppets Jim Henson. This State is as beautiful as other states in United States with only one of its kind cities and country sides. It is the perfect place for riverboat gaming and to visit historical places.More...

Plantations Of Mississippi

Plantations Of Mississippi

According to the British, originally the word plantation referred to the any colony set up abroad. It was during the later part of the 17th century that this word “plantation” began to be used to refer to a big agricultural venture involving a staff labor and supervised by a manager to produce export quality crops. Originating from Virginia, the system of plantation soon crept southwards in the Mississippi valley region.More...


What Is The Lowest Point In Mississippi ?

What Is The Lowest Point In Mississippi

The Mississippi region covers an area of 340 miles by 170 miles. It is bounded by Tennessee on the north, Alabama on the east, Arkansas and Louisiana towards the west and the Gulf of Mexico towards the south. The lowest point of the Mississippi region is the renowned Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi (0 meters above sea level).More...


Where Does The Mississippi River Start And End ?

Where Does The Mississippi River Start And End

The river Mississippi, one of the longest rivers in the North America starts its journey from Lake Itasca, located 2,348 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This outlet of the river is man-made. A low lying bed of stones, built around the 1930s, has artificially shaped the initial course of the river Mississippi. However, the true source of the river is through the swamp located just downstream from the lake Itasca. From here, the 2,320 mile long river is joined by many tributaries and distributaries, the major one being the river Missouri in the right.More...


Who Discovered The Mississippi River ?

Who Discovered The Mississippi River

Mississippi River, 2,348 miles, is the second largest river in North America covering 31 US states and 2 Canadian provinces. This lifeline for most plants and animal life of the US originates from Lake Itasca in Northwest Minnesota and ends at Gulf of Mexico in Biloxi.More...


Interesting Facts About Mississippi

Interesting Facts About Mississippi

Mississippi has some interesting facts that should be known to everyone. The helicopter was principally developed by a General from Shelby called as Frank Gregory. The first college that granted degree to the first woman is situated in Clinton, and it is more popularly called the Mississippi College.More...


Mississippi Facts

Mississippi Facts

While Mississippi is famous for its river, there are several other facts about the state that have made the state popular and well known. Here are some Mississippi facts that you may not have known earlier.More...


Mississippi History

Mississippi History

Hernando De Soto, a Spanish explorer, was the first to explore the beautiful Mississippi River somewhere in the year 1540. The French claimed the region later and established their first settlement in the year 1699, which is today known as Ocean Springs. France lost the area to Great Britain in year 1763, soon after the Indian and French Wars. Spain sat calm at that time and then in 1798, claimed for the land. But, it was freed by the US and came to be known as West Florida. It is now known as Southern Mississippi.More...

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Activities-And-Events-In-Mississippi      The people of Mississippi enjoy many Activities and Events throughout the year. If you want to enjoy Art, Music and Craft this state offers you an astonishing four hundred events. A festival like Crawfish and enactments of the Civil War makes the most wonderful holiday experience of your lifetime. More..




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