Interesting Facts About New Hampshire  

Of the thirteen original US States, located at the extreme northeastern part of the United States, New Hampshire is actually located in New England. Breaking off from Great Britain in January 1776, New Hampshire was known to be the first post-colonial sovereign nation in the Americas. The first U.S. State to have formed its own state constitution was New Hampshire. The capital of the state is Concord, located in the South Central Park. Just like all the other states in the US, New Hampshire also has a nickname, and it is the Granite State.

Talking about the New Hampshire’s landscape, the most spectacular feature is the mountains across the state. One can find 1,500 elevations, including many peaks like the White Mountains. Famous one among them is the Mount Washington at 6,228 feet known to be the 3rd highest mountain peak towards the east of the Mississippi River.

The climate in the state varies a lot and one can find extremes. It is quite natural for the temperature to drop below zero degrees Fahrenheit for days together. However, the summers are cool. The average annual temperature of the state is about 44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Four-fifth of New Hampshire, or even more, is forested land. White pine grows abundantly here and it also considered to be extremely valuable.

Majority of the people living in the state are Asians and Pacific Islanders. However, you can also find Africans, Hispanics and Caucasians, but in a small minority.

To add to the fun part, New Hampshire State motto is “Live Free or Die”. This was coined by the General John Starkin 1809. The first woman who attempted to vote in New Hampshire state was Marilia Ricker in the year 1870. The highest wind speed over land was recorded on Mount Washington April 12, 1934 which turned out to be the world record. The recorded speed of the wind was 231 miles per hour.

At last, Levi Hutchins of Concord was the first person who invented the alarm clock in the year 1787. It only rang at 4 a.m., the time he used to wake up.

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Interesting Facts About New Hampshire




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