New Hampshire History  

New Hampshire is based in New England, in the northeastern part of the US. The state is also known as the Granite State. Although the state was among the several industrialized states of the US, it was often portrayed as an agricultural and a pastoral state in the late 19th century.

The state initially was a colony and it was founded in the year 1629. Just like several other states and cities in the US, the colony was named after Hampshire, a county in England.

Thirteen colonies revolted against the British rule during the American Revolution, and New Hampshire was one of them. The state was the first to declare independence from British rule in the month of January 1776. Then 6 months prior to the Declaration of Independence being signed, New Hampshire's Congress met in Exeter and ratified the first constitution of the state. The date was 5 January 1776, and the city of Concord was officially declared the capital of the state in the year 1808.

Then in 1830, the state allowed the Republic of Indian Stream to be founded along the border with Canada. It made a lot of headlines during that time. Between the years 1920 and 1950 prosperity in the state was hard hit due to the Great Depression and the World Wars. Due to the serious competition from the Southern mills, the textile industry took a hard hit, which was further aggravated by the Great Depression. Manchester citizens were left jobless when Amoskeag Mills shut is operations in the year 1935 and then in the year 1949, Nashua Manufacturing Company also decided to close down its mill situated in Nashua.

Once World War II finished, then the state started increasing its economic as well as cultural ties with Greater Boston and Massachusetts. Also, the building and expansion of the highways helped the urban areas to enter into rural regions.

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New Hampshire History




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