Who Founded New Hampshire ?  

New Hampshire was initially populated by Native American tribes, among them were the Amoskeag, Abenaki, Pennacook and the Sokoki. They lived in rambling and spread out villages. Growing corn was their major task. Apart from that they also did trading of furs and fish.

The initial so-called official visitors to the New Hampshire were the English explorer named Martin Pring and the French explorer Samuel De Champlain. The exploring of offshore islands were done by a person named John Smith

In order to begin the fishing colony, the Englishmen became the first settlers who came looking to establish a good fishing colony. The leader of the first group of settlers was David Thompson, and then few others landed at the mouth of Piscataqua River in 1623. Part of this group had set up a shop in Pannaway which is now known as Rye. Others headed towards Northam now called as Dover. Soon, other towns were built, including Portsmouth, Hampton, and Exeter. People living in these villages made their living by trading on furs and fish and by fishing, since towns were very much near to the rivers that led to the Atlantic Ocean. The settlers were easily able to take their goods to the Great Britain from the port of the rivers near to Atlantic Ocean.

The main intention of New Hampshire was not to provide a safe place for people to practice their religion but to build the business and expand the same. Hampton and Exeter were founded by people did not see eye-to-eye with the Puritans back in Massachusetts. In 1969, the collection of settlements turned out to be a royal province and in 1698, it was claimed by Massachusetts. Till 1741, the situation remained the same, after which New Hampshire successfully broke out and went back to being a royal province; with a royal governor named Benning Wentworth.

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Who Founded New Hampshire




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