Facts About The State Of Oregon  

Oregon is one of the most interesting places in the US. There are several interesting facts to know about this state. The Oregon’s State Flag has a picture of a beaver on it on the back side and is the only state to have two different figures on its flag.

Oregon is known to have the most number of ghost towns. The number of these abandoned towns is much more than any other state in the country. Oregon is also famous for wind surfing because of the Columbia River which is considered to be the best. The Crater Lake is one of the deepest lakes in the US. It is also an ancient lake because it was formed out of an extinct and old volcano. All gas stations in Oregon are self serve. Oregon still has an active volcano called the Pilot Butte.

The Deep Hells Canyon is the deepest river and gorge in entire North America. The Hazel nut is the official nut of the State. The official colors of the state are Navy Blue and Gold.

A sea cave was found in the late eighteenth century in Oregon which was known as Sea Lion Cave. It is considered to be biggest sea cave in the entire world. The Light house that is located in Lane county is one of the nation’s most photographed light houses.

Darlington is a plant sanctuary of Oregon that has the rarest plants in it.

Cascade Mountains of Oregon was very rich in gold reserves and it was mined severely in 1858.

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Facts About The State Of Oregon




Famous-People-From-Oregon      Oregon is the most beautiful state of the United States and it has a diverse nature. Some of the rarest fauna and flora are found in this state and is the wild life central of North America. It is full of surprises and also has a unique culture. Oregon boasts of several famous people that were born here or grew up here. There have been people from all kinds of fields and some were rich others were famous. More..




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