How Did Oregon Get Its Name ?  

In 1625, the first city of Oregon was discovered when a map maker called Hondius marked it on the world map. It was found on the river of Cape Blanco and it was a part of the Oregon coast line. Oregon has a rich history and has had several interesting stories about how it gained its name. Explorers in the 16th and 17th centuries found the place very mysterious and called it New Albion and Terra Incognita.

There are nearly two centuries of myths about Oregon. The name Oregon has no true meaning at all and it is quite enigmatic as to how it got its name and why.

Also, the name Oregon has not appeared in any map of the world and it was quite unique. The River Oregon which was discovered by the Native Indians flowed into the Mississippi river and one of the probable explanations is that the state was called Oregon because of the river. However, Oregon had very few native Indian settlements as such and there is no Indian to support that the fact that the state could have been named after the river that they found. Any other attempts that were made to find an Indian word that sounds like Oregon was not successful. In one of the Indian languages, the word Wau are gon means beautiful water, and probably the word Oregon was derived from it. Oregon has the most beautiful sights of water in the end. Oregon was first officially included in the year 1817.

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How Did Oregon Get Its Name




Interesting-Facts-About-Oregon      Oregon is one of the most beautiful states of the US, and is located along the coast of the Atlantic. Several visitors say that the waters of Oregon, be it the rivers or the sea, are mesmerizing. There are several interesting facts about Oregon and one could only read about such things in books or museums. More..




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How Did Oregon Get Its Name ? )
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